Beplat Asset Management, founded by Raymond A. Beplat, was Incorporated in Wyoming on January 14, 2010.  We received SEC clearance to commence operations on February 16, 2010. In this era where transparency is so important to investing, we have affiliated ourselves with Charles Schwab Institutional as our Custodian.

It is our intention to focus on providing discretionary portfolio management services to high net worth clients on an agency basis.  We have consciously decided to make this a stand alone business, and we do not have any referral business to either pay or receive fees with other entities. Based on the founder’s 40+ years of experience as an Investment Professional, we utilize stocks, bonds, Exchange Traded Funds and options in constructing client portfolios that fit each client’s objective and circumstances.

In part we have formed this firm in response to clients, from banks where the founder managed portfolios, wanting to sustain the investment relationship after his formal retirement.  We look forward to continuing these relationships in a new venue, along with selectively adding new clients where there is a good match between the service we provide with the investment objective of the new client.

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