Schwab Alliance

Beplat Asset Management has an agreement with Schwab Institutional, a division of Charles Schwab & Co.,Inc. to provide custody and operational services for our clients.  We chose Schwab Institutional for these services because of the quality they provide with minimal net costs to our clients.  Schwab offers superior technology, sound financial strength, and strong insurance protection for our clients' assets.

Our clients are provided with password protected Internet access to view their account(s) on line.  Clients have the ability to write checks on the money market portion of their account (excluding tax deferred accounts such as IRA's), as well as the use of a debit card, if desired.  The Schwab Moneylink feature allows us to transfer funds for our clients to another account with the same name, such as a bank checking account.

Click here to view your portfolio on the Schwab Alliance web site.